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iKonize is a free, quick and simple way to show the file type of page links.
It can display any icon you like after a link to any type of file. It even shows external links. iKonize is written in Javasсript and CSS and will work in any HTML page.

Source and documentation here: http://ikonize.com/
Download: http://ikonize.com/download/iKonize-1.0.zip


The 10 coolest Smartphones 2008

Left to Right (top to bottom):
1. Samsung Instinct
2. LG Incite
3. Nokia E71
4. HTC Fuze
5. BlackBerry Bold
6. Sony Ericsson Xperia X1
7. Nokia N97
8. T-Mobile G1
9. Apple iPhone 3G
10. BlackBerry Storm

Read more: http://www.crn.com/retail/212500795



Jonas Brothers
Tunng (Bullets)


LONPOS Braintelligent

This is the best brain puzzle ever. Just found recently in Vienna's Millenium City. Thank's Christmas, they brought the shopping cell just because of the upcoming holiday, while they don't even have a branch anywhere near the city.
I wacked my brain the day I bought that thing! I think I've sat for like 4 or 5 hours non-stop solving the tasks.

Check out their website: http://www.lon-pos.com/en
I guess you can even order those games online, they'll send to by post.


Good old games


Comic Market

The world's largest comics convention, which occurs twice a year (summer and winter) in Tokyo, Japan. Also called Comiket

Source: http://www.animevice.com/comic-market/23-60/


Crazy fanfic authors...

For all Death Note crazy yaoi fan fiction fans

here's a first paragraph of one story I've found recently, called "The Trouble with L". That's some kinky creativeness )))

Light and L were considered by most to be a very happy couple. They were a first generation seme and uke couple, a proud testament to years of hard work by scientists trying to save the human race. Light’s mother had been one of the last surviving females on earth. A terrible disease that affected only women had killed off all the females. The horrible epidemic had been raging for almost a century. Luckily, that gave scientists enough time to fundamentally alter male DNA. Beginning with L and Light’s generation, all men were born as either ukes or semes. Ukes were the only males able to produce children and carry on the human race.

well, I didn't like the fic in general, but the beginning was good, don't ya think? )))

Here's the whole story: http://www.fanfiction.net/s/4291201/1/The_Trouble_with_L


Where to get sweet treat for a cat?

My uncle just told me a little misconception that occured to him while on a trip to Germany.

He was asked to buy some "candies" for a cat, meaning one of those special tasty feline snacks. Where do you think he went to get those? Regular candy shop! LOL )))


Ai no Kusabi remake!!!

The famous science fiction yaoi story gets its rerelease, this time as a 13 series OVA in 2009. Hope we get translators work on it soon. I'm pretty sure aarinfantasy will catch up on it soon.

More here:


Install Windows XP on SATA without a Floppy

Just putting the source here, so that I don't have to look for it next time
These stupid FS computers come with Windows Vista support only - SUX!



Bleach characters' resemblances - crossings with Death Note

Found these articles on LL, written by ak_bennington.

great work comparing characters from Bleach and Death note! A good laugh )))


HOW TO LAUGH: #2 When L died


sneezing panda

Just saw it yesterday, fun fun fun


Suzumiya Haruhi - ya urzhalsya...

Check it out ))) Narod izoschraetsya :

Original Opening

Russian Opening

Playstation 2

Live version


zanytanye fotki


Get creative

Love those no-standart posts. What would you expect to see while the server is down? )))


Ко дню рождения....


Don't try this at home people!!!

OK, you may think I'm weird, but I don't usually get sick watching these such scenes, I the on the other hand I found it immensly entertaining, I must have some sick curiosity )))


Never thought UML could be fun???

обожаю такие метафоры метафоры

UML diagrams:
Classes/entity description

Collaboration diagram (functional):

Sequence Diagram (functional):

Sequence Diagram (illustrated):



Live Photoshop Interface ?!

This fantastic "real world" Photoshop window, made with actual objects, seems to have been made as an Adobe PhotoShop ad for the Indonesian market. There's also a good Flickr photoset that shows how they put it together.