That's IT! Pinguins went flying!!!

That's an amazing FAKE footage of "new" penguin species "captured" on video by BBC.
I almost fell for it really! The effects, birds' and nature design are sooo real, the only thing that's not exactly believable is the nature of force which would allow a bird of such massive weight and such insignificant leftover of wings be able to be lifted in the air.
I heard that was an idea from BBC an April 1 Fool day.

Here's the video

And here's the video of how this video has been made

Computers these days make up our world especially for people with narrow vision and little experience with nature.


Russian classic movies/cartoons archive

Found this absolutely amazing archive website providing download links, torrents, and e-donkey hashes, all working and pretty fast.
The archive features the classics of Soviet Union cinematography and animation.
All the children's movies, cartoons, and audio tales and musicals can be found on this website.



Japanese Dishes How To on YOUTUBE "Cooking with a Dog" show

This is a Japanese cooking show "Cooking With Dog." They make well made short and informative videos in English with Japanese cooker. This is a good opportunity to view the true Japanese cooking techniques and try makeing the dishes at home without the need to take expensive cooking courses.
Already tried several dishes, although had to be creative and come up with substitutes as I don't have many of the ingredients at home, but since basics are clear, the results are delicious and interesting.




Go is a strategic board game for two players. It is known as wéiqí in Chinese (Traditional: 圍棋; Simplified: 围棋;), igo (囲碁, igo?) or go (碁, go?) in Japanese, and baduk in Korean (hangul: 바둑;). Go is noted for being rich in strategic complexity despite its simple rules.


Play Go Online - KGS Go Server http://www.gokgs.com/

There is this absolutely amazing anime about this game, thrilling and captivating, named "Hikaru no Go": http://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Hikaru_no_go

A joke image I found somewhere, nice idea, don't know if it's just a decoration, a vase, or even a non-existing thing made in Photoshop, but I want to have it )))


USB condom

As soon as the USB Condom detects a virus, built-in software shuts off USB access, verifies the problem, removes the nasty bug, then reopens the communication bridge to your computer.

Gross? Be glad the metaphor isn’t boomeranging in the other direction: before you know it, you’ll be installing anti-virus software on your penis.

Original article: http://www.nextnature.net/?p=3082


get inside the computer

I've watched this first CGI cartoon where the whole story wrapped around what's life like in a computer. But that is a drawn fiction
Looks in a completely new light when you see real people walking down the PC motherboard )))


Fire survival guide



Photoshop geek

I found this picture randomly on the web, someone playing with Photoshop, but the funny thing is that I used to live like right next to that thing (the original thing on the right). This huge ugly thing which we would always call a "box" officially "The Council House" was built in place of the former prussian Castle, on which the soviet union army had spent countless amounts of dynamite to tear it down to the ground. They started to build this beast after the demolition of that historical masterpiece was done, but soon ran out of money to sponsor the construction and the building was left unattained for almost 20 years. That used to be our local ghost house, as all kinds of gangs and homeless would wonder inside it. In 2005-2006, some private Moscow sponsorship took over the building and they put it somewhat into shape. There's nothing in it still, but at least on the outside it doesn't spoil the scenery that much anymore.


Direct Note Access - major breakthourhg in musical industry


Flipping Faux Flukes

Fuji, a 37 year old dolphin at Okinawa’s Churaumi Aquarium in Japan, developed a rare disease in 2002. After nearly 2 months of antibiotics & transfusion, she underwent surgery to remove the diseased parts last Fall. She completely recovered from the disease, although she lost 75% of her tail flukes.

But don’t fret, things are looking up for Fuji. She’s been fitted with the world’s first prosthetic fin, courtesy of Bridgestone. Yup, Japan’s largest tire maker developed the $83,000 prosthetic tail flukes applying the same materials used for Formula One race car tires.



Николай Олейников - Таракан (1934)

Николай Олейников
Таракан (1934)
Книга: Олейников Н. Пучина страстей: Стихотворения и поэмы
Год издания: 1991 г.
Издатель: Советский писатель
OCR: Шичинов Сергей

Таракан попался в стакан
- Достоевский

Таракан сидит в стакане.
Ножку рыжую сосет.
Он попался Он в капкане
И теперь он казни ждет

Он печальными глазами
На диван бросает взгляд,
Где с ножами, с топорами
Вивисекторы сидят

У стола лекпом хлопочет,
Инструменты протирая,
И под нос себе бормочет
Песню «Тройка удалая».

Трудно думать обезьяне,
Мыслей нет - она поет.
Таракан сидит в стакане,
Ножку рыжую сосет

Таракан к стеклу прижался
И глядит, едва дыша...
Он бы смерти не боялся,
Если б знал, что есть душа.

Но наука доказала,
Что душа не существует,
Что печенка, кости, сало -
Вот что душу образует

Есть всего лишь сочлененья,
А потом соединенья

Против выводов науки
Невозможно устоять
Таракан, сжимая руки,
Приготовился страдать

Вот палач к нему подходит,
И, ощупав ему грудь,
Он под ребрами находит
То, что следует проткнуть

И, проткнувши, на бок валит
Таракана, как свинью
Громко ржет и зубы скалит,
Уподобленный коню

И тогда к нему толпою
Вивисекторы спешат
Кто щипцами, кто рукою
Таракана потрошат.

Сто четыре инструмента
Рвут на части пациента
От увечий и от ран
Помирает таракан

Он внезапно холодеет,
Его веки не дрожат
Тут опомнились злодеи
И попятились назад.

Все в прошедшем - боль, невзгоды.
Нету больше ничего.
И подпочвенные воды
Вытекают из него.

Там, в щели большого шкапа,
Всеми кинутый, один,
Сын лепечет: «Папа, папа!»
Бедный сын!

Но отец его не слышит,
Потому что он не дышит.

И стоит над ним лохматый
Вивисектор удалой,
Безобразный, волосатый,
Со щипцами и пилой.

Ты, подлец, носящий брюки,
Знай, что мертвый таракан -
Это мученик науки,
А не просто таракан.

Сторож грубою рукою
Из окна его швырнет,
И во двор вниз головою
Наш голубчик упадет.

На затоптанной дорожке
Возле самого крыльца
Будет он, задравши ножки,
Ждать печального конца.

Его косточки сухие
Будет дождик поливать,
Его глазки голубые
Будет курица клевать.


Tooth for an eye!!! Spectacular operation solution


Muscle balloons

this is no fucking Photoshop!!!

There are real bodybuilders like this out there, just google 'muscle balloon bodybuilding'


About virus H1/N1


Munchkin cats


Steven Freaking out!

Freaking out - best freak out video EVER!!!
It's so disturbing, I hope it is fake, but smth is telling it is a real video. If it's staged, it's freaking well done.

And then this is a real thing not for a weak nerve. If it's real, the guy has got serious mental problems. I think if I had such ferocious fit, I'd freaking fall dead.

Remote up his aSS


Samsung Corby S3650 advertisement


Lindsay Lohan parody on Harry Potter


Cool water balls

How to make water into marble balls


Nu-pogodi gameboy simulator