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Филя Киркоров в очередной раз показал какое он безкультурное чмо - Евровидение 2009

Часть 1

Часть 2

Советую зайти на youtube и почитать комментарии на эти видео, народ Киркорова поливает... )))

Надо бы записать эти перлы. Киркорову никто не решается рот заткнуть только потому что он пока еще петь может.

А вот еще для тех, кто поржать над тупизмом Фили, - эпизод из Прожектор Перис Хилтон перед Евровидением - Киркоров в гостях у передачи. Как эти парни еще на телевидении держаться, постебались над Филей не слабо )))


Crazy romantics

Overheard a collegue talking on the phone about his yesterday's adventure:

- yesterday...Woah!
- ...
- she studies psychology
- ...
- so, no chance
- ...
- she knows the scheme upfront
- ...
- senses are still coming in to the brain very late
- ...
- she is good, too good
- ...
- exactly... at least for a while
- ...
- no, but you have to be there, I'm getting out of control
- ...
- you don't even want to remember it?...
- ...


Эталон похуизма


WTF - true art?!?

This masterpiece trees used to be stading on the Wenceslas Square next to the metro station opposite to the National Museum in Prague

I've got no smart words for this...


True pairing

Ulquiorra Schiffer from Bleach anime and some fanstasy creature created by yuumei



Flipping Faux Flukes

Fuji, a 37 year old dolphin at Okinawa’s Churaumi Aquarium in Japan, developed a rare disease in 2002. After nearly 2 months of antibiotics & transfusion, she underwent surgery to remove the diseased parts last Fall. She completely recovered from the disease, although she lost 75% of her tail flukes.

But don’t fret, things are looking up for Fuji. She’s been fitted with the world’s first prosthetic fin, courtesy of Bridgestone. Yup, Japan’s largest tire maker developed the $83,000 prosthetic tail flukes applying the same materials used for Formula One race car tires.



Direct Note Access - major breakthourhg in musical industry


Awesome anime related posters


Banned commercial


Impressive mechanism


HD camera trick

The trick revealed:

Watch it in HD!!!
The guy and the room in the mirror is actually a duplicate set of the appartment, so the reflection in itself is fake. There are some indications to that, the biggest letout the 'S' letters are not mirrored at 1:27.


Coolest drum set ever


Cool floor advertisement designs

Source: http://www.adverbox.com/mattel-hot-wheels/


Ad agency: Ogilvy, London. UK

Creative Director: Alasdair Graham

Head Of Art: Andy Bird

Copywriter: Jason Mendes. Andy Wyton

Art Director: Andy Wyton. Jason Mendes

Account Manager: Leah Walsh

Account Supervisor: Kate Dowling

Photographer: Chris Jelley. Photolibrary.

Agency Producer: Mark Doyle.

Retoucher: Trevor Qizilbash @ Tag

Art Buyer: Coral Stafford. Brigette Martin

Country: UK


H&M advert

Great advertisement ideas from H&M


Fullmetal alchemist 2 is out

can't say much about it so far, but I expected a continuation... seems like this is just some sort of a remake of the first series. or more like a collection of in between stories.
Anyway, there's a whole fansub boom going, the first episode got translated by Shinsen-Subs 2 days after the episode was aired in Japan. Cool


Samsung S8300 Ultra Touch - 38 Cute Animals, 1 Cool Screen, 8 Different Uses

Loooove genious adverts!!!



Ахуенно веселое видео !!!


Samsung SSD Genious geeks